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Orcas timetable posted

The Team Suite folks have posted the proposed timetable for Orcas including a breakdown of the proposed features for TFS. Check it out at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/de-de/teamsystem/bb407307.aspx (is it just me, or are the msdn2 sites getting much slower recently?). In case they don't keep the site up, here's the timeline that they speficy:


Visual Studio code name "Orcas"

In addition to developer productivity improvements and new supported platforms and technologies in Visual Studio, Visual Studio code-named “Orcas” release will include the following new scenarios, features and improvements to Visual Studio Team System.

Projected Availability:

  • Beta 1 - 2nd Quarter, CY 2007
  • Beta 2 - Mid-year CY 2007
  • RTM - TBA

Personally, I find that to be a very aggressive timeline as I know there are quite a number of features in the VB documentation alone that haven't made it into any CTP's yet. See my post yesterday for more on that.

Amazingly, they are not only identifying features coming in Orcas, but also TFS features scheduled for "Rosario" which is the codename for the version of Visual Studio after Orcas.

Thanks to Ken Brubaker and Mike Gunderloy for the heads-up on this annoucement.

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