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Code Camp 2007 downloads

I've uploaded the files for my presentations for the fall Code camp season which I just presented last weekend at the Birmingham, Alabama code camp. If you missed the talks, you can pick up the downloads at the following links. Also, I will be at the Charleston, South Carolina code camp this coming weekend (10/13) so you can catch me there. Additionally, the ThinqLinq talk is still available on the aspnetpodcasts.com. Links to all three parts of thie webcasts are available at http://www.devauthority.com/blogs/jwooley/archive/2007/07/27/66845.aspx.

Below are the links to each of the downloads for my three talks.

These and all of my demos are available via my downloads page at http://www.devauthority.com/files/13/jwooley/default.aspx?ppage=1. Don't let the license notice keep you from downloading the samples. It is just a boilerplate message that I'm not able to change at this point.

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