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Bye bye DLinq, Hello Linq for Sql and the ADO.NET Entity Framework!

Some of you may have read the documents on ADO.NET 3.0 and the Entity Framework when they were published, before they were promptly removed. The big question since that time has been: What will happen to DLinq in regard to the future of ADO.NET, which seemed to offer the same services and more with a different solution?
Well, Andres Aguiar has the scoop, live from TechEd in Boston: apparently both frameworks will be kept.
OK, it actually happened. We'll have two mapping technologies in .NET

LinQ for SQL, previously known as DLinQ is the 'simple' mapping technology.
LinQ for Entities, will be on top of the new ADO.NET Entity Framework, and will be the 'complex' (we could say 'real') mapping technology.
What? Two object-relational mapping technologies for .NET from Microsoft? What's the point?! Why not raise ObjectSpaces from the dead while the are at it...

I feel the same as Andres:
I think Microsoft did this for internal politically correctness (they did not want to not to ship any of the frameworks) but I can't see why this is good for the .NET Framework as a whole.
The team that worked on DLinq worked on ObjectSpaces before and killing DLinq after ObjectSpaces may have been to hard for Microsoft's developers after all the years they have spent on these projects.

To me, two solutions mean an excess of one. I don't see how people will be able to choose, and I think one will have to disappear sooner or later...
Published Tuesday, June 13, 2006 1:18 AM by Fabrice Marguerie



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