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7 tricks to simplify your programs with LINQ

Despite what a lot of people still believe, LINQ is not all about SQL and databases. I guess it will take time before everybody gets used to it.

With his 7 tricks to simplify your programs with LINQ, Igor Ostrovsky provides great examples of small but elegant uses of LINQ (to Objects). In his post, you'll discover how to use LINQ to:

  • Initialize an array
  • Iterate over multiple arrays in a single loop
  • Generate a random sequence
  • Generate a string
  • Convert sequences or collections
  • Convert a value to a sequence of length 1
  • Iterate over all subsets of a sequence

I believe that there are many ways to use LINQ in your everyday coding sessions that are still to be discovered Smile

Published Thursday, May 22, 2008 3:55 AM by Fabrice Marguerie


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