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  • Elegance in Asynchrony

    Last week at the PDC we released the Async CTP (community technology preview) for C# and VB. It’s got this really nifty feature that turns otherwise horrendous gobbledygook of callback nastiness into nice legible, linear source code, so you can actually write asynchronous code as if it were synchronous; no muss, no fuss. But I don’t really need to tell you about this, as you’ve certainly read umpteen other blogs and news articles already that have either confounded you with a bazillion Read More...
  • Code Hurts

    I use email a lot. I seem to be sending questions or replies to my co-workers constantly throughout the day, so you’d think I’d be very good at it. Yet even with all my years of experience communicating through this high-tech medium I still find it difficult to get an idea across without inadvertently sending the wrong message. You’ve seen it yourself, of course. Probably more so on online forums or chats where it’s easy to be misunderstood; people flaming each other over imagined slights, reading Read More...
  • Wayward's Replacement

    I know I've not been attentive for a while. However, is that any reason to try and steal my crown? It looks like Charles Petzold is trying to be funnier than me. Check out his plan for a new book. He claims it's an ' Evolutionary Leap '. I'll gladly give him the crown if he publishes it. However, it seems the Intentional Software guys are taking him seriously. I wonder if there is something to it. Read More...
  • Beyond Dynamic Languages

    Everywhere I turn, all I read about is dynamic languages. Apparently, there is a small yet growing contingent of programmers that think dynamic is the only way to go. These guys are frustrated with the shackles of static type systems that force them to write clean code. And apparently, there is also a small and growing contingent of media types that think “hey, there’s a buzzword I haven’t heard before, let’s use it until we wear it out.” And they have. Believe me, its paper thin and about to be Read More...
  • What the World is saying about LINQ

    “LINQ is totally awesome. It’s like this thing that you use to condense your entire application into one line of demo code. Sweet!” - Stanley Morgan “LINQ is divine but DLINQ is a delinquent. It gives programmers too much power and makes programming against data way too easy. Is nothing sacred anymore?” – Ned Flanders “Lambdas are old school. LISP had these decades ago. If all you want to do is be a sheep then go right ahead. I prefer ACME.” – Wyle E Coyote “I can’t remember what they are called, Read More...

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