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  • Primal Development Methodology

    I am going to tell you something that will disturb you. You might laugh, but it will be a cold uncertain laugh that will haunt you as you read on, because somewhere deep down you'll know it to be true. You might brush it off, get on with your day, yet sometime later, a week or a year, it will seep back in and unsettle you to the core. From that moment on you will be changed. You will think different, act different and will fundamentally be different. So take a moment to prepare yourself now, breath Read More...
  • Agile at Microsoft

    I wasn’t always a proponent of Agile development practices. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know what they were. Before I came to Microsoft I used to just do what I was told and simply worked the way everyone else worked....( read more ) Read More...
  • Titans of Transparency

    There seems to be a lot of controversy over the degree or level of transparency shown by internet era corporations. The discussion is over more than just the sound-bites of corporate big-wigs on top of the financial food-chain, it’s about the amount of communication in general from the troops at the bottom. Since the technology today makes it possible, it’s just become expected that everyone open up and start chiming in to the meta-chant that is the modern day blogosphere. The media and its flock Read More...
  • Earth Renamed 'Hades'

    Apparently Xena was not the only solar body renamed this week by the International Astronomical Union. In an attempt to align all planet and dwarf planet names along the Greek pantheon theme, a group of rather overzealous and somewhat tipsy astronomers packed into the conference's overflow area within the hotel's cocktail lounge agreed unaminously last night that yet another solar body should be renamed, reclassified, and remarketted. You see, all those silly star-gazers thousands of years ago, too Read More...

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