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  • Citizen Statistics

    I was on my way to post that my site had not actually been blocked by a foreign government, aside from all the rumors spread recently, that the truth was I had just been incredibly negligent at forming any coherent thoughts or communicating in general beyond my regular guest appearances on several late night talk shows, when to what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a survey popup for MSN. What had I done to deserve this? Was it some crime in another life, a karmic imbalance on my metaphysical Read More...
  • YODA the Programming Language

    Now that LINQ is out the door, so to speak, I can start focusing my efforts on the next next technology here at Microsoft. Ever since I joined up with the C# team nearly two years ago I’ve been frustrated by my inability to wax poetic about all the goodness we were working on. I was sworn to secrecy. Mum was the word. Perhaps if you were paying attention to the work in C# 2.0 and C-Omega, you may have guessed what was to come. Looking back, it’s easy enough to recognize it in the design of Generics, Read More...
  • What the World is saying about LINQ

    “LINQ is totally awesome. It’s like this thing that you use to condense your entire application into one line of demo code. Sweet!” - Stanley Morgan “LINQ is divine but DLINQ is a delinquent. It gives programmers too much power and makes programming against data way too easy. Is nothing sacred anymore?” – Ned Flanders “Lambdas are old school. LISP had these decades ago. If all you want to do is be a sheep then go right ahead. I prefer ACME.” – Wyle E Coyote “I can’t remember what they are called, Read More...

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