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  • C# + LINQ at TechEd 2007 in Orlando

    It has been a while since I posted but given the continuing response and the start of TechEd, it is time to restart. A number of us from the C# team are here: Luca Bolognese, Charlie Calvert, Karen Liu, Luke Hoban and Kathy Lu. Even if you can't join us in Orlando, you can still join us virtually for the talks and even ask questions. We have a ...
    Posted to LINQ in Action roller (Weblog) by Anonymous on June 4, 2007
  • The DLinq Dilemma: SQL shall be SQL, and C# shall be C#, and never the twain shall meet

    With a tip of a hat to Rudyard and his ballad, I would say Oh SQL is SQL and C# is C#, and never the twain shall meetTill rows and objects manually a dev has both to beatBut there is neither SQL nor C#, nor join nor dotWhen LINQ stands to link the twin what magic have I got Ballads aside, this is a real problem that we are grappling with. There ...
    Posted to LINQ in Action roller (Weblog) by Anonymous on July 16, 2006
  • The journey continues (musings of a LINQer)

    Good question - in the kitchen of course! The dish is now ready on the LINQ home page and our VP - Soma has a nice blog about it already. I feel exhausted but happy to be able to share the results of ''our'' work with you.   The word ''our'' in English is strange - it has both inclusive and exclusive meanings. Here, I mean it ...
    Posted to LINQ in Action roller (Weblog) by Anonymous on May 10, 2006
  • LINQ Chat on Thursday Oct. 20

    We will have our second LINQ and C# 3.0 language chat on Thursday, October 20, 2005 at 1pm Pacific Time (GMT - 8:00). Last time we were overwhelmed with 5x as many questions as usual but hope to do better this time. Overall schedule of MSDN chats is at:
    Posted to LINQ in Action roller (Weblog) by Anonymous on October 17, 2005